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Staircase Components

staircase components

Tread: The upper horizontal part of a staircase, the actual step you walk on.

Riser: The vertical part of a staircase.

Starting Step: The first tread and riser of the staircase. Nosing: 1. Tread Nosing: the horizontally projecting edge of a stair tread, overhanging the riser. 2.Nosing/Landing Tread: Located around balconies/overlooks for balusters to rest.

Cove Molding: A decorative piece of trim moulding usually under treads, nosing, or box newels to cover joints between treads and riser, and etc.

Rake: The slope or angle of the staircase. Handrail: Horizontally or on stair rake, to be grasped with the hand for support when walking up and down the staircase or overlooking balconies. This sits on top of balusters and attaches to newel, rosettes, or columns.

Fittings: Transition pieces of handrail so straight handrail can change heights or directions.

Shoerail: runs parallel with handrail that is plowed for placing balusters.

Fillet: a thin flat piece of wood to fill plowed handrail or shoe rail between balusters.

Newels: The chief support piece for the balustrade system. These are usually larger and heavier than balusters and are located in critical stability points of the balustrade system and balcony areas.

Baluster: the vertical decorative closely spaced wooden/metal pieces between newel posts.